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The Style Foundation

The key to amazing personal style is having a great inventory to pull clothes from. This doesn't mean you have to have a two-story closet with every piece of clothing imaginable. What you do need are great items you can mix and match to create new looks. To do that, you'll need a good foundation made of stylish basics.

And the foundation of any outfit is shoes. The pair you wear can communicate your aesthetic and the occasion more than any other item you wear. So good pairs of shoes are an essential part of every closet.

Our Square High Heels are the perfect pair to start your shoe collection. The timeless chic look allows you to wear them season after season, year after year. And with the simple, sleek design, you'll be able to dress this pair up and down.

For a date night out on the down, wear these heels with a flowy, floral dress. You can finish the outfit with a denim jacket and dainty accessories.

Or for a casual night out with friends, you can wear these heels with your favorite pair of jeans. Pair these jeans with an off-the-shoulder or halter top for a stylish and casual look. Finish with statement jewelry, and you're ready for dinner.

The Square High Heels are available in beige, black, and pink. There's a shade for every style and every outfit. Beige and black offer a classic neutral option, while pink adds a pop of color. Which color are you wearing first?

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