Some Sparkle to Your Day

Warmer weather is here and with any luck, it is here to stay. What better way to celebrate the weather and newfound pep in your step than by adding a little sparkle and shine to your everyday wardrobe. Our Casual Loafers Shoe is the perfect combination of comfort and style so you can keep on having fun in the sun.

The Casual Loafers Shoe comes in a variety of colors including white, black, and pink making them the perfect shoe to grab on the go. The comfortable tennis shoe style means these shoes are ready for all your daily summer activities including walks or bike rides through the park, your everyday work life, or a night out with your friends. The sparkle detail elevates even your most casual look to one of practical elegance.

These shoes are extremely easy to style making them an excellent choice for your everyday shoe. To style the white shoes, take a pair of light skinny jeans and cuff them above your ankle. This will keep your legs looking long and lean while also giving you a more polished look. Then add a loose white v-neck t-shirt and complete it will a pastel-colored blazer. Finish your look with silver jewelry to match the sparkle found in your shoes. This look can also be completed with a pair of light jean shorts for those days with friends.

For a night out on the town, trade in the white shoes for a darker edgier black. Look for a pair of distressed black jeans or black jean shorts. The distressed look will contrast with the sparkle of the shoes creating a more dynamic look. Add a dark leather jacket over a red shirt with matching lipstick. You will look and feel like the life of the party.

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