How to Take You Athleisure Out of The Gym

Who says athleisure is solely for working out in the gym? Who says it has to get hidden away under baggy t-shirts? Your athleisure can be just as cute as any blouse, dress, or skirt in your closet.

So how do you ensure that your athleisure is a stylish addition to your wardrobe? Luckily, there are a few ways to take your athleisure from the gym to a weekend outing. Here are a few you should try this summer.

Leisure and Leather

There's no better way to look chic and relaxed than by adding a bit of leather to the outfit. A patterned sports bra will be the base of this outfit. You can wear the sports bra with a pair of jeans and layer with a leather jacket. Or take it to the next level with a pair of leather trousers with your sports bra. Finish with bold jewelry and heels for a nice night out look.

Add Blazer to Jeans

If you need an outfit for your Saturday outing with your friends, this one will be your new go-to. For a weekend look, grab a stylish sports bra and your favorite pair of jeans. Dress the outfit up a little bit with a classic oversized blazer. Tip: don't be shy with the colors; try brights with patterns. Finish with a pair of loafers or sandals.

Live the Laidback Lifestyle

Laidback loungewear is no longer meant solely for lazy Sundays. Here's a great outfit to wear whether you want to hang out at home or spend the day out. Start with a sports bra and add a pair of leggings or bicycle shorts. Finish with a pair of casual sneakers and a denim jacket.

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