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Bring on the Heat

Spring is coming, and we are ready for the warmer weather. Our favorite item to bring some heat in with our Patent Leather High Heel shoes. With their extremely high pointed heels, they make a statement while making you look terrific!

The Patent Leather High Heels come in bright red color and two different heel sizes. Whether you want a 10 cm or 12 cm heel, your legs will look long, tall, and sexy. The shiny texture and bright color stand out nicely with dark or bright colors and add a pop of interest in outfits that embrace more neutral pallets.

There are several ways to style these heels. The bright red and heel make them perfect for a quick pin-up look. Pair them with high-waisted capri jeans that lengthen the legs and lets the shoes pop. Then add a cute button-down crop top. A solid-colored shirt will keep the ensemble looking classic and won't overpower the heels. You can add a red headband and blocky red jewelry to finish the look.

Another way to style these shoes is with a simple black and white outfit. The bright red contrasts perfectly with a white or black pant leg. If you want a bold look, you can do a white and black striped patterned pant. The solid color pops against the patterned background. Do a red blouse to balance your color placement. You can finish the look off with a bold red lip and gold jewelry.

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