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Wrap Yourself in Fall

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Fall fashion means cozy styles to combat the chill in the air. And what better way to wrap yourself in coziness than with a stylish scarf. Our pashmina shawl and wrap is the perfect accessory to a fall outfit. Here are three ways to wear it.

With Jeans For a Casual Day

If you're going to a pumpkin patch or a haunted hayride, this should be your go-to outfit. In the evenings, once the sun goes down, the air gets chilly. A wrap scarf is a perfect way to keep yourself warm and cozy. Wear your favorite pair of jeans and a classic t-shirt. Add the scarf as a shawl to layer a cozy outfit. Finish off with booties and accessories, and you're ready for a Fall outing.

With a Dress for a Night Out

Whether you're going out for a cozy date night or grabbing drinks with friends, a dress and wrap combo is always a good idea. It's the perfect way to add a layer to a sleek dress without taking away from the stunning design. Paired with a little black dress, the colors of this shawl will pop. Drape it over your shoulders and arms for an elegant look.

With a Classic Sweater Combo

When you want to cozy up on the weekend, the classic sweater and scarf combination is what you should do. It's the perfect outfit to watch movies on the couch or bake a couple of delicious Fall treats. Pair your cozy knit sweater with a scarf, wrapping it around your neck or letting it hang down. You'll be cozy at home and ready to go out if someone asks.

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