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The Timeless Accessory

We said it before, and we will say it again, "Accessories can make or break an outfit." Whether it is a purse, simple jewelry, or a pair of shoes, it all has the potential to elevate your outfit to the next level or keep your outfit looking flat. Luckily, our Yokohama Watch is a timeless accessory that is as flawless as it is easy to style.

The Yokohama Watch comes in a gorgeous gold coloring that appears classy and elegant. Its simple band and broad clock face, this watch demands attention without being over the top. The watch's simplicity allows it to complement a variety of outfits, no matter their color variation. It can also be used for everyday wear or a sophisticated event. The possibilities are endless.

Our favorite ways to style this watch include a chic business look. Pair this watch with a pair of pumps, blue skinny jeans, and a white blazer. The jeans will give you a more casual feel while the pumps and blazer add a more tailored look. The stark white blazer will contrast with the gold watch, allowing it to stand out and dazzle anyone who sees you. You can also add a black blouse and matching handbag to compliment both the white in the blazer and the gold in the watch. Finish the look off with simple gold hoops and a pendant necklace.

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