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Something Buzz Worthy

Whether it is pairing black and brown pieces together or tennis shoes and a blazer, there are always unexpected fashion combinations coming together. We are bringing you the next one by pairing two staple pieces in the form of our Honey Bee Drop Earrings. By combining the glamorous gleam of pearls with the honey bee's signature silhouette, we have created your next go-to pair of earrings.

These Honey Bee Drop Earrings are the perfect piece for a night out on the town or to bring another level of elegance to a professional outfit. The natural pearl catches everyone's eyes with its iridescent glow while the sparkling honey bee sits on top. The pairing of these two classic pieces creates the perfect piece to upgrade all of your ensembles.

Try these earrings with a business casual outfit by keeping your colors neutral. Take some dark wash blue jeans and pair them with a black blazer over a brown or black blouse. Then add a pair of thigh-high black boots and grab a black handbag with gold detail. Feel free to add a silver or gold pendant necklace as well. Though the earrings are made from sterling silver, the gold bee design will go nicely with gold accent pieces. You can also wear these in an extremely professional setting with a simple black dress and pearl necklace.

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