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Put a Ring On It

Accessories put the final touch to any ensemble, and there is no better accessory than a statement ring. Whether you prefer sterling silver, gold vermeil, or metallic black, a statement ring makes all the difference. Our newest Mister Viper Ring brings an edge that is sure to pack a bite to every outfit.

This viper ring has a ridged spine creating a striking silhouette against the hand. The bold design comes adorned in over one-hundred hand-placed stones with the inside stamped for the authenticity of its high-quality sterling silver material. It creates a charmingly audacious design that is sure to catch more than a few eyes.

The Mister Viper Ring is perfect if you feel a little more adventurous or wild with your wardrobe. Go out for a night on the town and pair this ring with a leather jacket and studded heels. Have your nails put into a long coffin or stiletto shape and paint them in a bold color to ensure this ring gets all the attention it deserves.

You can also add this ring to create a more daring work ensemble. Take a black blouse and tuck it into a snakeskin skirt. The pattern of the skirt will complement the texture of the ring. Finish it off with a slicked-back ponytail and natural make-up, and you have an outfit that will empower you throughout the entire day.

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