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Mistify with Glowing Skin

The winter months are the absolute worst when it comes to dry and painful skin. The air seems to suck any moisture out of your pores and take away from your dooey youthful look. Our Facial Water Skin Care helps bring your skin back to its gorgeous self and keep the dry winter winds at bay.

This skincare regimen is choc-full of vitamin C, which provides moisture renewal on dry, cracked skin. Vitamin C also reduces blemishes and hyperpigmentation by calming irritation and balancing out different hormones in your body. These soothing effects leave skin with a natural and beautiful glow that makes you look and feel youthful.

The best way to fight against the winter air is by staying consistent. Add the facial water to your everyday skincare routine. After washing your face every morning, mist your face as an additional primer before putting on your makeup. It will keep your makeup looking fresh and bright all day. Then at night, use it after you wash your face off and before you lay down for bed. It will keep your face feeling fresh and vibrant throughout the night. You will start noticing the difference in no time, and winter will have no choice but to bow down to your gorgeous moisturized skin.

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