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Give Her Heart Wings

This Valentine's Day, end an intimate night with the perfect gift to make her heart flutter. Our Pink Heart Necklace is as elegant as it is beautiful. Give this gift to her this Valentine's Day, and she is sure to feel the love.

Our Pink Heart Necklace is gorgeous. Not only does the crystal gem sparkle magically, but it is framed by two whimsical angel wings. The wings represent security and safety and will make her feel safe and adored. Pink and red are the traditional Valentine's Day colors, but the heart gem can be changed to any color that suits her preferences and style, as can the metal type/color.

The Pink Heart Necklace is the perfect gift to give at the beginning or the end of a romantic date. Give it to her at the beginning of a romantic night inside. The necklace will add a

more romantic layer to the date and keep her feeling loved every time she looks down and sees it. You can also do an intimate scavenger hunt theme, and at the end of the hunt, have her discover the necklace. The date is a fun activity you can do together, and she will love the prize at the end.

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