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Getting Creative for Halloween

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

It is the week before Halloween, and if you have been wrapped up in everything that is 2020, you may have forgotten to grab a costume for this weekend. Lucky for you, our Elegant Party Dress has you covered. This dress is perfect to wear at future holiday parties and complete a simple broken doll costume.

This dress has an elegant quarter sleeve and flared skirt that creates a vintage 50's feel. It is a classic look, perfect for a company party or a girls' night out on the town. The silhouette is flattering to most body types, while the multiple patterns make it easy to match your style and personality. It can be dressed down, up, or in the case of Halloween, scary.

To create a haunted doll look, style this dress over a pair of white stocking or thigh socks with bows. Add a pair of kitten heels in the color black or white to give it that true doll style. You can keep the jewelry simple by opting for some pearl earrings and a matching necklace. Add a large white bow to your hair to give you more of a baby doll look. Using black and white eyeliner, start drawing cracks in your face with a large hole on one side of your forehead. It is simple and easy but creates a creepy haunted doll effect.

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