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Don't Sweat It

The cold weather is here, but that doesn't mean you have to let your style go. You don't have to bundle up in a coat just yet; leave your jacket open to reveal your stylish look. But what about an outfit that's cozy and comfortable, so you don't even need to bundle up?

This sweatshirt dress will be your go-to outfit throughout the fall and winter. Here are a few ways to style this laid-back piece.

Go Sleek with a Leather Jacket

Wear this sweatshirt dress with a leather jacket to create a modern and sleek outfit. A black leather jacket always matches, but with this dress, you have the option of getting colorful. Try bold colors like red, mustard, and navy blue for an outfit that stands out from the crowd. Finish the look with ankle booties and a stylish handbag.

Go Sporty with Tenish Shoes

This sweatshirt dress lends well to a dressed down and sporty outfit. For a sporty look, wear this dress with a cute pair of tennis shoes in either white or black. Play around with the style of shoes: a pair of super sporty basketball shoes and a pair of casual sneakers both work well for this look. Finish with a bomber jacket and tie it around your waist for a laid back look.

Go Classic with Knee-High Boots

There's not look that's more classic for fall than a dress and knee-high boots for fall. This pop-star inspired outfit always looks put together. Wear this sweatshirt dress with boots that hit just above the knee. Black, gray, and camel-colored work best. This outfit is classic and straightforward, a look that won't go out of style.

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