The Timeless Leather Jacket

There is no staple piece quite as iconic as the leather jacket. It is the perfect blend between edgy and high-class. They can make you feel like a cool rebel or extremely elegant. Either way, you cannot lose while wearing our Black Fashion Leather Jacket.

This leather jacket is made from only top quality genuine leather. Every stitch has been carefully placed to ensure that no matter what angle you see this jacket from, it looks stunning. Though it is incredibly durable, this jacket is lightweight and will stretch to your body. You can then tie it closed so that it sinches at your waist and showcases your curves perfectly.

The best part about this jacket is how easy it is to style. Throw it over a simple shirt and add a pair of your favorite skinny jeans. The jacket's fullness will contrast nicely with the tightness of the jeans making your legs look long and slender. If you want to make your legs look even longer, add a pair of cute black ankle boots or even knee-high boots. The heel of the shoes will continue to make you look taller while also complementing the jacket's leather. Then add any of your favorite jewelry to finish off the look. Choose bright, colorful jewelry if you want the look t pop, or keep it timeless and choose simple silver or gold pieces.

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