Styling Your Paper Bag Skirt

Updated: Jul 15

With its tapered high waist, functional pockets, and pleated fabric, it is no wonder the paper bag skirt has risen as one of this year's trendiest pieces. These skirts are the perfect blend of functionality and style. Though we prefer our mini Paperbag Skirt, you will find that this type of skirt comes in multiple lengths and colors. With a few quick tips and tricks, you can rock this trend all through 2020.

These skirts tend to flair out slightly above and below the waistline, where the skirt opens and closes. This helps give the illusion of a smaller waist and complements almost every body type. These skirts are best paired with a tighter shirt that you can tuck into the skirt. A tight shirt will slim you down into the skirt rather than looking like you are busting out of the skirt. By tucking the shirt in, you keep the tapered top of the skirt showing, allowing it to keep the illusion going. You may want to style this skirt with a cute crop top or bodysuit instead of a regular blouse so that it does untuck itself from the skirt.

To create an edgier look, you may want to use a mini paper bag skirt and pair it with an oversized jacket or flannel and some worn combat boots. The oversized jacket still allows you to have the small waist illusion add a little more interest to the outfit. It is the perfect way to dress down your skirt and add a little edgy detail to your outfit.



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