Sparkle from Head to Toe

Whether it's a wedding or a high-class fundraiser, formal events are the perfect excuse to get yourself dressed up and feeling glamorous. These sparkling shoes can make you feel exquisite, these intricate details can bring an outfit to life. Turn heads with this amazing pump high heel.

These beautiful shoes come in seven different colors, including a gorgeous navy blue that imitates the night sky and a dazzling gold for your more classic ensembles. The glittered cloth keeps for a more consistent and durable glitter distribution across the shoe, while a delicate vine detail accents the thin heel beautifully. Every aspect of this shoe is thought out and made to make a statement.

Show off these beauties with a short solid colored dress. The shine from the shoes will contrast effortlessly with the matte color of the dress. This winning combination will make your legs look stunning, while the lights from the dance floor will make the heels sparkle hypnotically. Add a handbag and jewelry in the same color as your shoes, and you are sure to grab everyone's attention. You can also pair them with a long ball gown or one of our celebrity dresses. The elegant shoes will complete the look and will have you feeling like a princess all night long.



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