• A. Jade

Put a Bow on It

A gorgeous blouse is an easy way to make an outfit stand out. Pick one with stunning details like this gorgeous long-sleeve one with a bow on the collar. What a great way to add visual interest to your outfit. Here are three ways to style a blouse with a bow.

With a Statement Skirt

Dress this blouse up by wearing it with an equally beautiful statement skirt. Choose a skirt that complements the blouse. But don’t be afraid to play with prints and colors. Some details that make a statement skirt: ruffles, wrap details, buttons or zippers, and interesting silhouettes. An outfit like this would be perfect for a dinner date night.

With A Classic Pair of Trousers

There’s nothing classier than a blouse and trousers. As simple as the outfit sounds, you can make this look a head-turner with the right pieces and a little creativity. Create a simple and chic blouse-and -trousers look by choosing a monochrome color palette and breaking it up with a print. This outfit is perfect for the office.

With a Stylish Pair of Jeans

Jeans are a closet staple, but it’s sometimes difficult to create stylish outfits that don’t look sloppy. The next time you want to dress up your jeans, a stylish blouse is a go-to option. With jeans, you have near-limitless possibilities. Go chic with neutral colors and prints or bold with wilder colors. Here’s an outfit perfect for weekend outings.

This gorgeous blouse comes in seven colors and pattern options. And with a variety of ways to styles, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find an outfit to feature this stunning piece.



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